Story Bible: The Good Stuff!

So what’s inside my story bible?

Right now, I’m concentrating on prepping for NaNoWriMo, so I’m focusing on the front section for my new novel.

First Top Tab: BuJo

Right now, I have a to do list to help remind myself what I need to work on the next day – my breadcrumbs. I got it here.

 First Side Tab: Character

I’ve been working on characters for about a week, maybe longer if you count the thinking about them constantly part. Here I have “Character Sketch Templates” and “33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters” questionnaires (both from, for each of my biggies. I also have some character balance sheets to make sure I end up with a well-balanced cast (these are based on copyrighted material I found on Tumblr via Pinterest).

Second Side Tab: Setting

Here, I have printed the “Introduction to Worldbuilding” workbook from I also have two world maps, one of the ocean floor, and another of potential coast lines after major sea level rise.

Third Side Tab: Conflict

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I drew a diagram of the Hero’s Journey plot structure and folded it so that it would fit in this section. When it comes to actual plotting, I haven’t decided what method I’m actually going to use (and I may end up using an amalgam of several). I have included notes from “How to Create a Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps,”  Notes on adding conflict from, a printable I made for the Snowflake method, and a neat little brainstorming activity from Eva Derell’s site. Kristen Kieffer at also has resources for plotting.

Fourth Side Tab: Concept

I started this whole thing using Kristen’s “Turn Your Plot Bunny into a Full Fledged Novel” worksheets, and so they are stashed here. I have also recently found (and fallen in love with) Rachel Stephen’s website and videos. For some reason, her novel-building method just clicks for me, and my character work this past week has been really, really good thanks to her techniques. My notes on that method are behind this tab, at least for now.

(I apologize for the messy links – I’m working with a really uncooperative mouse and will have to go back and fix them in a bit – ARGHH!)

I also have plenty of just blank pages throughout for my own notes, inspirations, and thought processes. If you have more resources to share, please do so in the comments!


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