It’s That Time Again…

August isn’t too early to start prepping for NaNoWriMo, is it?

Nope. (Squeeeeee!)

Since I last posted, I wanted to show you my new thing… Last year, I used a B6 travelers notebook as my writing companion for NaNo and a Coursera class in creative writing from Wesleyan, hosted through NaNo. Pictures are below, and I will try to credit sources for the content on the pages pictured.

My writing TN includes various inserts:

  • Writing resources – general
  • one for each of my WIPs
    • character sketches, Meyers Briggs profiles, etc.
    • Plot outlines
    • Maps
  • Class notes from the Wesleyan course
  • General “don’t forget to” notes as I write/edit
  • “Maybe I could…” idea notes
  • Trackers – word count, reading log, and 5 things (from M.M. Chouinard)





Resources pictured:

I hope this sneak peek into my writing journal gives you some ideas you can work with for your own prep!

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